Where to find a music store near me?

On this website, you can find almost any kind of music store near where you are at this moment, or even online ones. Some categories of music stores in the list are:

  • Brick and mortar music stores
  • Online music stores
  • Vinyl records stores
  • CD Stores
  • Stall Music Stores
  • Open Market Music Stores

About This Website:

On this directory, you are going to find addresses, location maps, and links to: vintage vinyl record stores, stores for musical instruments, and web-based and/or physical music stores ONLY.

Music stores are the only topic of this directory. If you want to have your music store featured in a dedicated list, this directory is the place to be.

When you search for a music store in a determined village, town, or city, you are going to be presented with a list. In the list of stores, you’ll see the complete address, telephone, and website (if any).

On the list that appears when you search for a place, you can click on the “Read More” link of each entry to go to the specific page of each store where you will see a map and maybe additional notes about the store in question.

For instance, if the store is in the inner courtyard of a block, or inside an arcade (two situations that make it hard to find), you are going to find specific directions to find it with ease.

On the page of each store, there’s also a review system in place, so you can review and share your thoughts on a specific music store with the rest of the community.

In the same way as when you submit stores for inclusion, you don’t need to register or create an account on the website to submit your review. The service is free and no registration is required.

Adding a Store

Find a Music Store Near Me
Image Credit: Bill Ward

If you are the owner of a musical instruments store, a CDs or vinyl store, or an online music store you can easily enter it for free, for it to become a part of this website list of stores.

You don’t need to register on the website to do so. This service is 100% free and inclusion on the directory is guaranteed. Please go here to submit your store.

If you don’t submit a photo or an image with your submission, the staff may source an image (with proper license) to improve the listing. This service, like all other services for this directory, is free.

Note that if you are adding a store, there’s a style guide right below the submission form. Please read the style guide before submission, because if your submission follows the style guide, the publication process of the entry will be much faster.

The more style rules you follow when submitting a store, the faster the entry will go through the reviewing process, the faster the entry will go live.

If you don’t follow the style guide, there’s nothing to worry about. That’s because the staff of this directory will edit it for you and let it looking like the other entries. Bear in mind that if the staff needs to edit your entry, it is going to take just a bit longer before the entry goes live.

The last request, if you submit your or someone else’s music store, and you can add a photo or image to the entry, please do.

The method to add images or photos to a store entry is to hotlink it, by pressing the [IMG] button in the editor. Just be sure that you have the right to hotlink a photo or image into the entry.

Scroll back upwards to search for a music store, or click here to go to the Add a Store page to enter a music store to be featured in the list of stores.