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Other than that, a perfect submission that follows all of the guide’s rules, is not a requirement.

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WXLi’s Music Store Near Me — Style Guide for Stores

For consistency among all records, add correct:

Punctuation: Don’t use periods/full stops in addresses.

Capitalization: In addresses, capitalize everything, except prepositions and words that are three or fewer letters long.

Quoting: For anything that goes in the copy, that is quoted from somewhere else and not the store’s address, try to use real quotation marks (“ and ”) instead of ” (dittos).

Numbers: Don’t spell numbers. Ever.

Dates: In the case that you need to add a date to the copy, use the American format: M/D/Y.

Notes: Write sentences or paragraphs with notes (for instance if the shop is difficult to find, and you have the directions to find it. Example) as normal sentences or paragraphs, i.e., don’t capitalize all words and add a full stop at the end of each sentence. Try to keep the notes in one paragraph, if possible.

Apostrophes: If possible use  (apostrophe) instead of  (single quotation mark).

Hyphenation: Instead of using a – (minus sign) use en dashes (–) or em dashes (—).

Lines of Copy: Add records in this format:

1. Website
2. Address
3. Phone Number / Email
4. Notes (if any)

Special note about lines: When starting a new line use shift+enter (soft return), instead of a regular enter (hard return). This makes each line to be nearer the ones above or below.

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Today, there aren’t many free advertising sites offering a 100% free classified ads service like this directory of stores. Take advantage of this free service by WXLi Sites. Please read on for a detailed description.

Free Listing Express Service

If you submit a store to be included in this directory, the entry will go live in 10 days tops. This may not sound competitive but operatorsof directory websites have a very long backlog of records to enter or validate. Just keep in mind that your entry may go live much faster if you follow as many style guide rules as you can.

What you Will Get

Your submission will be available for reference on this directory exclusively dedicated to music stores, musical instrument stores, and online music stores.

If the staff finds a photo of your store that somebody shared (and properly licensed) in any of the media sourcing sites (like for example Flickr), by adding it to your entry, they will make the entry prettier at no cost to you whatsoever.

About This Free Service

This music stores directory and its list of stores is a free service offered by WXLi Sites as a service to the music community.

The listing, media sourcing, and editing services are all 100% free for the time being. If you, the staff, or a visitor adds a store while this free opportunity lasts, you will never have to pay for anything that was included in the original listing in the future, and you will always have recourse to opt-out of the list or have the staff modify the entry for address or other info changes.

100% Free Forever for Stores Submitted Today

Once the staff reviews and validates the store entry that you submitted, they will edit it for it to comply with all of the style guide rules. Your submission will be live in seven to ten business days.

Stores added to the directory for the time being, and the media sourcing and editing services are free and will stay free forever.

Nevertheless, inclusion in this directory for submissions, or other premium perks may sometime in the future become a paid service. Because of that, submit as many stores as you want today, don’t lose this free opportunity while it lasts!